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Massage Techniques For Both Men And Women 

Download this E-book now and start preparing for your next erotic experience... 

The Art of 
Massage techniques for both men and women 
Download this E-book now and start preparing for your next erotic experience...  
In This EROTIC Roadmap, I'll Show You:
Setting the scene 
As with any sexual experience the setting and the ambiance are such an important aspect. The Art of Erotic Massage will walk you through this step so  you don’t miss anything.
Understanding the different erogenous zones
Explore new areas of the body and find
your partners erogenous zones. A list of both common and uncommon erogenous  zones are provided.
Explanations of different kinds of touch used in Erotic Massage
Different zones of the body require different kinds of touch sensation. I will teach you 8 kinds of different touch that can be used in erotic massage.
Massage techniques for both men and women
Get step-by-step instructions on
different techniques starting with the standard back massage to “finishing” with the  Happy Ending.

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Serena Skinner RN, MSN, FNP is a board certified Nurse Practitioner with a successful medical practice that focuses on regenerative medicine, sexual dysfunction, anti-aging and wellness.
She is certified in sexual wellness through the American Academy of Anti-Aging and is also a certified relationship coach and with an emphasis in relationship recovery.
Serena works diligently with clients daily in addressing their relationship issues, self discovery, sexual dysfunction concerns and intimacy detachment. She is a leader in the field of sexual medicine.
As she started her own medical practice, the need to provide additional education and options for her patients became apparent. Sex and relationships is not a topic often discussed with a healthcare providers. But the opportunity to make a lasting impact was seen in her vision of how she wanted to help her patients. It was at this point that she decided to become a relationship coach.
By combining both her medical background with her relationship coaching, her vision has become a reality and Love By Design was born. She has now helped thousands of individuals reach their goals in maintaining intimacy and passion.
Serena Skinner lives in the coastal region of Georgia with her husband and has two grown children. Her career in healthcare began in 2002 and she has an extensive background in emergency and urgent care medicine in addition to her current practice. She is an alumni of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center where she obtained both her bachelors and masters degrees. She is a member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging, The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, The International Society of Sexual Medicine, The Cellular Medicine Association and is the president of the Golden Isles chapter of the United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses association in Georgia.
Download this E-book  now and start preparing 
for your next erotic experience.

Only $12 USD

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